Wednesday, June 3, 2009


WEll it's official, I am a loser.. and not the kid of loser I want to be.... My 10 pounds are back.. I am not surprised... disheartened, pitiful, discouraged, but not surprised.

If I was bleeding, I wouldn't just sit there and watch myself bleed, no I would stop the bleeding and make sure it didn't start up again.....

It would make sense that I would stop my body from getting fatter, and make sure I didn't get any fatter... You would think right?

There are no excuses.. I just don't feel it, that gumption is gone, you would think that seeing myself naked would be gumption enough.... you would think..........

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I finally achieved something, I lost 10 pounds.... The first six came off while I was in Vegas, anyone who has been there knows you walk... and walk..... I also was pushing a stroller with two kids in, that might have helped two.....

10 down.. 10 more to go.....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I changed my picture.... it shows my discusting double chin. I took that picture to be funny, I saw it and wasn't amused. I started this blog thinking it would motivate me, it did for a while, but I weigh more now, then when I started. Food is an addiction, a serious one. SO,

I am going to try something new, I will blog everyday and write down what I ate and if I exercised, there will be some accountability, and when I lose ten pounds I can change that picture, ( It looks like a small child could live in my double chin)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My "Plump" in life

" If your happy and you know it give me chocolate" I think that would have been a song I would have liked to sing in Pre-school, heck I am 36 and I want to belt it from the roof tops:) The diet and exercise is coming along Well, mostly the diet:) The thing I struggle with is eating in the evening, I am doing better but I haven't quite conquered it. I have really noticed what an emotional eater I am, the other day the children were being rather difficult ( that happens right) all I could think about was eating something.. anything well, with the exception of the children of course:) Where does this come from? Why does eating feel like it can cure all? I don't get it, obviously I don't get it, my body is it's own enemy. I wish Push Ups cured my stress, the exercise not the yummy froze treats! But alas that is my plot in life or as I like to say , my Plump in life:) 
I have a hard time falling a sleep at night, my head hits the pillow and it triggers all of these USELESS observations and thoughts to rush through my head keeping me awake for hours, I thought I would share some of those thoughts with you.

Being thin would be a lot easier for me if the world was one big nudist colony

You should get paid by the government to exercise

Twinkies should have a warning label " Do not eat or rump will expand"

If Oprah can't do it what makes me think I can? ( Sarcastic, Oprah kinda bugs me)

Perhaps I should buy some stock in Lane Bryant

Weight Loss is so HARD!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Look what happened to me over the holidays?

Just kidding, all together now I have lost exactly five pounds. I know.. I know not very thrilling, but I am not discouraged about it:) I will keep trying,  weight loss (and gain) is so weird to me, you know when I am driving and I see a "slippery when wet" sign ( good album by Bon Jovi also) not wanting to injure myself or others I slow down, when I am doing laundry and the bleach bottle says "do not ingest" I listen and don't drink the  bleach, but if there is a twinkie on the table you better believe I am trying to get to that twinkie (or the whole box) is it good for me? NO!!! Can it potentially harm me ? You bet, but the caution is out the window when it comes to food, the other day I bent over to get my son out of the crib and I  heard a SNAP, yup it was my back.... why did it go out? One word FAT, my bones and muscles are getting to old to carry around this tub of lard. So my battle continues, I will be trying some new methods this year, like, not weighing every week, I love Weight Watchers but I was putting to much pressure on myself weighing every week, I found myself not eating because I was going to have to weigh.... So I will probably weigh about every two weeks. I feel good about my progress, so my goal for this month is five more pounds, I know I can do it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I lost one pound baby.. Ya that's right one whole pound! Not a .4 or a .6 a whole POUND!!!!!! I am very excited if you can't tell! Another week a head of me :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

1 pound

I was very nervous to go and weigh today and to my dismay I gained a pound, the lady that weighed me told me not to be discouraged, being Thanksgiving and all.  I won't, I will keep trying and trying!!!!!!!! I predict a significant weight loss next week :)